Peta Berghofer

Peta Berghofer is an Australian artist based in Toowoomba, Queensland. Using clay as her primary medium and the ‘vessel’ as her foundation form, Berghofer explores the intersections of sculpture and function.

Employing a hybrid practice, Berghofer creates both ceramic sculpture as ‘art object’ and utilitarian ware for daily use. Whether functional or functionless, the pieces are most often presented as the same body of work. Both in their individual and collective state, the ceramics fundamentally dissect historic and contemporary tensions between art, craft and design.

With reference to historically familiar form and function, Berghofer disrupts expectations and traditions of vessel-based, ceramic art practice. When complete, bodies of work are exhibited as abstracted still-life environments, playing with distinctions between gallery and domestic space.

Peta Berghofer completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) at the University of Southern Queensland in 2016, receiving First Class Honours. She began developing her practice at First Coat Studios in Toowoomba preceding this. After being awarded the Bellmaine French Appreciation Travelling Scholarship from USQ in 2017, Berghofer is now attending artist residencies throughout France to continue her creative development.

(photograph: Grace Yu)